What do the different color LED lights on my Onelink Connect indicate?

  • Solid White: Once the Connects have been set up, the light turns solid white and remains on. The white LED indicates Wi-Fi connection.
  • Pulsing White: Connect is starting up.
  • Solid Blue: A solid blue light indicates the Connect is ready to set up
  • Pulsing Blue: Searching for Wi-Fi
  • Green Flashes: The Connect has been successful setup
  • Solid Yellow During Setup: After the Connect has turned solid blue and pulsed blue, this light indicates that the Connect is too far from the hub or the other access point to which it is trying to connect.
  • Solid Yellow after Setup: Indicates that the Connect cannot connect to another Connect. This could indicate that the Connect has been moved out of range.
  • Solid Red: An error as occurred. Contact our Customer Service Team, onelinksupport@newellco.com or 1-833-ONE-LINK