Is there a recommended cleaning procedure for the Onelink Safe & Sound?

This unit is designed to be as maintenance-free as possible, but there are a few simple things you must do to keep it working properly:

  • Test it at least once a week.
  • Clean the alarm at least once a month; gently vacuum the outside of the alarm using your household vacuum’s soft brush attachment. A can of clean compressed air (sold at computer or office supply stores) may also be used. Follow manufacturer instructions for use. Never use water, cleaners or solvents since they may damage the unit.
  • After cleaning, test the alarm.
  • If the alarm becomes contaminated by excessive dirt, dust and/or grime, and cannot be cleaned to avoid unwanted alarms, replace the unit immediately.
  • Relocate the unit if it sounds frequent unwanted alarms. See “Where Not To Install” for details.