Can this device make Alexa calls or texts?

Users can now take advantage of the Calling and Messaging features from their Onelink Safe & Sound. Using the Amazon Calling feature is easy. Once a person’s contacts are synced with the Alexa app, users can simply ask Alexa to call contacts by name. The Onelink Safe & Sound can also receive calls from other Alexa devices, and will announce the incoming caller along with a green light ring around the device. Users will have the option to answer or ignore the call.

The Amazon Messaging feature on the Onelink Safe & Sound enables easy delivery of messages amongst Alexa devices. Users can ask Alexa to send a message, and a voice recording of your message will be delivered to contacts who own Alexa devices or those who have the Alexa app. When a message is received, users will hear a chime and see a yellow light ring on the Onelink Safe & Sound.